Benefits of Algae


Some species of algae possess bioactive substances that are very useful for the food industry, medicine, cosmetology, agriculture and livestock farming.

  • They are a foodstuff rich in proteins, salts and certain enzymes.
  • The beneficial effects of green, red and brown algae extracts in lowering cholesterol are well known.
  • They stabilize blood pressure and have antibiotic and antiviral effects.
  • They have vermifugal, anticoagulant and antilipemic properties.
  • Marine algae have better properties than chemical fertilizers because they release nitrogen more slowly.
  • Algal aggregate seems to be of benefit to livestock, improving the quality of milk and the quantity of sperm.

The most exciting thing, however, is that they create multiple energies. They are autofluorescent, for example. They take energy from the sun and transform it into light.
(Source and reference: Research work in progress under Dr Gloria Batista de Vega at the Punta Galeta Marine Laboratory, Panama, Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics, UC-I).