Apart from Dr Gloria Batista de Vega, the other participants in this project are José Francisco Vega and Raúl Yee.
In 2005 Samuel and Guillermo Liberman learned of the activity carried out by Gracilarias de Panamá in favor of scientific research and environmental conservation and decided to be an active part of the project. The Liberman family invested for almost two decades in the Gracilarias operation, promoting scientific research with marine algae in the laboratory and the protection of the mangrove and coral reef ecosystems of the Panamanian Caribbean.

Guillermo Liberman through Global SLI, since 2022 supports specific Gracilarias projects. The most recent has been the publication of the “Atlas de las Macroalgas del Caribe panameño, su autofluorescencia y usos”

Gracilarias team has the vision and the desire to encourage human development via projects that are innovative for industry and friendly to the environment.